Arcade PSU covers

I design 3d printable covers for dedicated Arcade PSUs. These typically have their terminals exposed because they are meant to be enclosed in a cabinet. In modern gaming setups, this is not always the case.

The covers provide safety and convenience by use of an IEC socket, with the typical PC style 3 prong outlet, which also features a rocker switch and a protection fuse.

For all PSU models, 2 versions are available. The Basic version has a simple passthrough hole for use with existing supergun power cables. The Universal version features a 6 pin Molex connector which is wired for all 3 dc output voltages and ground, in a plug and play configuration like modular PC power supplies.

Meanwell RT series (RT-65A / RT-85A / RT-125A)

MWP- 606 / 42PP0606

Suzo Happ Power Pro

Min Dong