I offer repair and modding services within Canada only. I do this on my free time, so delays can vary greatly, but rest assured that I every console gets the same level of quality work. Inquire about hiring me through my email:

All consoles can be fully recapped upon request. I will offer upfront to recap consoles that are known to have failing capacitors.

Mods I have experience with (don’t hesitate to contact me about something not listed here):

  • Nintendo NES
    • NESRGB: NES frontloader and toploader, Famicom and Famicom AV
    • Addons: NESRGB-IGR (controller palette switch and reset), NES/IO (frontloader complete RF replacement), dejitter for OSSC
    • Hi-Def NES: NES frontloader and toploader, Famicom AV
    • Addons: 3d printed no-cut mod
ConsoleModsOptional addons
Nintendo NES frontloader, toploader
and Famicom and Famicom AV
NESRGB– NESRGB-IGR (controller palette switch and reset)
– NES/IO (frontloader complete RF replacement)
– Dejitter for OSSC
Hi-def NES (HDMI)3d printed no-cut mod
Super Nintendo and Super FamicomRGB– Csync restore for 1-chip-03 and SNES jr
– S-video
– Brightness fix for 1-chip
– Ghosting fix
– Dejitter for OSSC
Sega Genesis and MegadriveModel 1 RGB bypass
(~90% jailbar fix)
Can be combined with an audio bypass using the
Mega Amp circuit
Triple bypass
(RGB bypass + sound amp)
Typically for Model 2 &3, also possible on Model 1,
replacing the RF connector with a “Model 2 style”
MiniDIN 9 pin port
Mega Amp (audio bypass)
Sega CD and MegaCDRegion free BIOS
Laser pickup replacement
Sega SaturnRegion free BIOS
Phantom Universal Modchip
Sega DreamcastDCdigital (HDMI)40mm case fan replacement with 3d printed bracket
Sony Playstation 1PS1digital (HDMI)
X-Station ODE3d printed SD card holder with SD card extender
NEC Duo/Duo-R/X/TurboDuoRGB output
Laser pickup replacement
Sega NomadLCD screen replacementComposite video
Triple Bypass
(RGB bypass + sound amp)
NEC Turboexpress/PCengine GTLCD screen replacementComposite video or LCDDRV (RGB)
Nintendo Gameboy AdvanceGBA Consolizer