MeanWell RT series PSU cover – UNIVERSAL VERSION


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A 3d printed cover for all Meanwell RT series power supplies (RT-65A / RT-85A / RT-125A). Note that this should also fit RT-xxB, C, and D series according to the technical drawings.

Features an IEC socket, with the typical PC style 3 prong outlet, with a rocker switch for convenience and a protection fuse for added safety. It is prewired and properly terminated with quality crimps for a secure connection to the screw terminals.

Printed out of black PETG plastic for a more durable product. The appearance is glossy and will exhibit artifacts from the 3d print, this is a choice of function over looks. The front plate has a nice textured finish.

This is the Universal version, which has a 6 pin Molex connector which is prewired for all 3 dc output voltages (+5V, +12V, -5V) and ground, giving plug and play convenience like modular PC power supplies.